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Designer kitchens, sumptuous bathrooms & amazing outdoor spaces can often gain all the attention but there is one room with equal importance...the Laundry!

Posted by Paul Ackling 09/08/2016

Adam & Kim decided to opt for a complete knockdown and rebuild and now, 18 months on from the decision, there's no doubt that the correct choice was made.

Posted by Paul Ackling 19/07/2016

Over 12 months, Peninsula Homes had the privilege of working with the 'Before & After' TV Show as we completely transformed our clients home!

Posted by Paul Ackling 28/06/2016

Each building decision is intertwined with the previous, but we specialise in ensuring you end up with little or no stress & get the house of your dreams.

Posted by Paul Ackling 28/04/2016

This morning we were given the greatest compliment by one of our current clients. It's not what you'd expect, but it's something that we're very proud of!

Posted by Paul Ackling 15/03/2016

More often than not, air conditioning in the home can be replaced by the combination of cross-flow ventilation and a great product like Aeratron Fans.

Posted by Paul Ackling 04/01/2016

Nobody likes the hard work of scrubbing glass clean! Here's a post from one of our suppliers on how we make sure your glass stays clean in your new home!

Posted by Paul Ackling 15/12/2015

Not everything goes to plan on every build in the Northern Beaches. Sometimes you just have to dig through 5 properties to connect a pipe....

Posted by Paul Ackling 17/11/2015

In a build there's a chance for mess & damage to be done to your home. A good Northern Beaches builder will protect your home while building it. Here's how:

Posted by Paul Ackling 22/09/2015