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Is air-conditioning essential to keep your house nice & cool? We don't think so! Here's how we use natural airflow to keep you home the perfect temperature.

Posted by Paul Ackling 10/02/2015

After a handrail that is stylish, robust and also low in maintenance with the look & size of timber? Answer = Custom Powder Coating from Peninsula Homes

Posted by Paul Ackling 27/11/2014

Ground Testing doesn't sound like much fun but I dare you to build a home without it! (Not really, that'd be illegal) Instead, here's why it's important...

Posted by Paul Ackling 20/11/2014

Ventilation in your Northern Beaches home can affect more than just your home! So let's consider the function on the house as a whole & the environment.

Posted by Paul Ackling 30/10/2014

Can stairs be more than just stairs? Sometimes form is just as important as function, and as skilled Northern Beaches builders we know how to use both!

Posted by Paul Ackling 23/10/2014

The performance of the cladding products & how they are installed has a wide ranging effect on the day to day liveability of any Northern Beaches home.

Posted by Paul Ackling 25/09/2014

Designing a new Northern Beaches homes that you're going to love requires just the right recipe! Check out some thoughts on what that recipe involves...

Posted by Paul Ackling 18/09/2014

Good Northern Beaches builders know how to design and build your dream home while saving you money. Here are some tips we'll use when building your new home.

Posted by Paul Ackling 21/08/2014

When it comes to deciding how to build your dream home in Sydney, there's a lot of options! Here's some help by a couple of local Northern Beaches builders.

Posted by Paul Ackling 11/08/2014