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How a Home ‘Feels’ – The Greatest Compliment

Posted by Paul Ackling 15th Mar 2016

This morning we were given the greatest possible compliment by one of our current clients. Before I unveil what that compliment is, let me give you some background…

Every second Monday morning, I have a site meeting with our clients, Adam and Kim, at Allambie Heights. This is a complete knockdown and rebuild project that Peninsula Homes has designed and specified from the ground up. This generously sized family home sits on an average sized block of land for the Northern Beaches of about 570m2. Combining Austral Bricks Wilderness Design series in Blackberry, teamed with Hardies Primeline Chamfer cladding boards and a Colorbond Roof, this home has a relaxed, easy going beaches look and feel to it. Starting work in September 2015, the build has now progressed to the exterior being near finished and the gyprocking completed inside.

These regular site meetings with clients are an opportunity to walk around the site together, allowing questions to be asked, conversations to be had and to generally stay up to date on the progress of the build. Today’s talk focussed on landscaping ideas and the coming weeks progress. While we talked this morning, Kim said that they really loved that the house “feels” so nice even though it is still a building site. This is a comment that stopped me in my tracks and brought a smile to my face.

This small comment sounds simple, but it really says so much. The “feel” of a home is the intangible asset that people often don’t think about when considering a building project, and it’s usually the one thing that you can’t explain. Quite simply, it is why we build the homes we do.

Although difficult to explain, the way our homes “feel” is by no means an accident, fluke or just lucky. That “feeling” is because a custom designed and built home is so much more than the sum of its parts. Often, it is much more than people ever expected from a house. To create a home like this, we understand that attention to detail is everything. That’s why we pay attention to you at every step of the way from the first meeting right throughout the build. We strive to gain a complete understanding of your needs and your location.

From this, we then bring our entire teams expertise and passion for building to not only build homes that look amazing but also have just that right “feel”.


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