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Protecting Your Home Through The Build     

Posted by Paul Ackling 22nd Sep 2015

With multiple trades working on a building site at any one time, it’s absolutely imperative to ensure that all work that has been carried out is protected from damage.

This may seem like a small thing but keeping a job site clear, and adequately protecting finished surfaces saves time and money for all involved. At Peninsula Homes, we understand the need for surface protection during the construction and renovation process to ensure that our client’s homes, through all stages of the build, are safeguarded against damage. Right from the very start of a build as the site is established, we make certain that everything delivered to the site is not only handled with care but stored correctly. As the build progresses, the list of areas inside the home that require protecting is lengthy. Here are a few examples of how we best safeguard your home during this critical area of the build:

  • As timber flooring and carpet is laid, these are thoroughly covered with a temporary floor protection from Ram Board or Protecta Group, to not only protect from foot traffic and debris from the building site, but to also ensure the areas are resistant to any spills.
  • While tiled areas are seen to be more sturdy and less likely to succumb to any damage, we won’t take any chances. Tiled areas are covered and taped with heavy duty black plastic, such as Potecta-Sheet (Polythene), which totally protects these areas while being painted.
  • All important joinery, like kitchen and laundry cabinets, are susceptible to damage. To minimise this, we put measures in place to cover benchtops with either Protecta-Foam or Protecta Felt.
  • Think of the damage that could occur from debris and foot traffic up and down a brand new set of untreated timber stairs. Luckily, we don’t leave this to chance either. We fully protect the stair treads with sheets of Protecta-Board (MDF) and rubber nosing as soon as they are installed. Handrails are protected using Protecta-Edge Door Jamb Protectors.
  • Even on the outside of the home we ensure that all glazing products continue to be protected with plastic film to minimise damage through the build.

These are but a few examples of what we strive to preserve through the course of a build, so you can rest assured that Peninsula Homes takes every necessary measure to build your home with respect. The end result of a beautiful home does not happen by accident.


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