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Designer Family Home in Allambie Heights

Posted by Paul Ackling 19th Jul 2016

After considering the options of either moving house or renovating their existing home, Adam and Kim decided to opt for a complete knockdown and rebuild. Now, 18 months on from the decision, they are settled into their new home and have no doubt that the correct choice was made.

Up on the hill in Allambie Heights, this regular suburban block gave fantastic scope to our individual ‘design and construct’ process. With over 3.5m of fall on the block, it was imperative through the design phase that we worked with the land and not against it. In doing this, we were able to build a generous family home that sits comfortably on the land, while still making the most of the natural breezes, northerly side aspect and the leafy street scape.

Most people worry about the building process being full of surprises. This was certainly how it turned out for Adam and Kim, but not in the way you would normally expect. These surprises were all good and started right from the very first meeting where the concepts were explained with a simple pencil sketch of a floor plan.

This floor plan has the kitchen in the centre of the house, which was totally unexpected for Adam and Kim. However, they could easily see the benefits once I explained the reasons for this:

  • The kitchen faces the best aspect.
  • The kitchen is flooded with natural light from highlight windows.
  • It allowed the creation of a hug butlers pantry and a walk in linen closet.
  • It provided a beautiful and natural flow through the living areas.

The other surprise was just how easy and straightforward the designing and building process was for Adam and Kim. At the heart of this was easy and consistent communication. We had a site meeting every second Monday of this build and that allowed us to stay up to date, not only with the selections, but also allowed ideas to flow, in turn ensuring the build continued uninterrupted.

One of these ideas was the home’s landscaping. As the build was progressing, we got together to develop a landscaping plan and specification to meet Adam and Kim’s requirements. Some of the main elements were:

  • fencing of the front yard with hardwood posts and feature panel
  • a small paved area for bin storage
  • stepping stone concrete pavers to access rear yard
  • complete planting of all gardens by Pettet Landscapes
  • both front and rear yards completely turfed

Having Peninsula Homes not only complete the home, but also the landscaping, allowed Adam and Kim to just move straight in and enjoy their beautiful custom home. If this is sounding like the building experience you’d like, why not let us know? We’d love to hear from you and work to make your dream home a reality!


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