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Family Home: Newport – 2015


To make the most of the stunning Newport headland location and to build an adaptable family home on a tight budget.


Unique Aspects

To create the timeless Newport feel in a budget driven home, without sacrificing the views, was the real victory of this build. A large part of that Newport look is the use of sandstone, however, this would not fit within the given budget. So we worked hard to find another product without the heavy sandstone price tag. We used GB Sandstone Rock Face, in Limestone, from Austral Bricks and although it’s a replica, this product had a number of benefits: lower cost, no need for sealing, long lifespan in the salt environment and authentic corner blocks. These benefits, together with very skilled installation, makes a beautiful feature of this home.



This home is a testament to what can be achieved when a builder listens to and patiently works with the owner. Throughout the build, many ideas were put forward with each being viewed on their own merit, while also being considered within the scope of the overall project. All of this was achieved without fuss or stress and within original timeframes.



“Paul was always so helpful and really listened to what I was wanting to achieve. I was pleasantly surprised by his constant attention to detail and his ability to solve problems. The whole team at Peninsula Homes are wonderful people and a delight to work with.”