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Knock down & Rebuild

The Health Benefits of a Knock Down Rebuild

Designing and building a new home is a deeply personal journey. The tug-of-war between whether one will renovate or knockdown rebuild (KDR) has much to consider and can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. One incredibly important aspect of a knockdown rebuild vs a renovation is the health of your home.

Whether you are demolishing your existing structure or building from scratch on your block of land, when you start with a clean slate, apart from a sparkly clean brand new home, you also have a healthy home. Free from mould & asbestos, filled with light and fresh air as well as being thermally efficient, a knockdown rebuild delivers on many levels, especially the ones we can’t often see. And, building with a knockdown rebuild specialist, a brand new home may be a more cost-effective solution than you might think.

Natural Light

Natural light feels bright, airy and spacious and it’s a proven fact that it also elevates our mood. It’s no wonder that harnessing natural light in our designs is high on the priority list. The benefits of a knockdown rebuild allow for strategically orientating the home to capture every possible ray of light, while just as pivotal is the role glazing plays in this process. Our design process involves the use of large windows, louvres, light voids, skylights, highlight windows and sliding or bi-fold doors, which provides the all-important connection to the outdoors and that feeling of openness and space.

Fresh Air

A natural, free and renewable source, what is not to love about fresh air? Compared to a dark, damp and confined home which can easily have a depressing feel, fresh air makes you feel alive. New homes are purposefully designed to capture cross-flow ventilation, maximising indoor air quantity and quality. Poor air quality is known to have adverse reactions to your health. Over the years, we have had many clients talk about how much healthier they feel in their new home compared to their previous old home and have cited natural light and fresh air as being the fundamental reason why.

Thermal Efficiency

Thermal efficiency or thermal comfort is that finite balance of feeling not too hot or not too cold. Building a home from scratch allows you to tick a lot of boxes when it comes to thermal comfort.
Insulation to walls, floors and ceiling cavities provide an ambient and comfortable feel to the home, not to mention savings to your energy bills and a reduction of greenhouse emissions. Harnessing natural light, correct use of glazing and fresh air from crossflow ventilation play a pivotal role in a home being comfortable and efficient.


Lack of adequate ventilation in the home produces condensation, in turn resulting in mould growth. Inhalation of mould spores and prolonged exposure to high levels of indoor dampness can inflame the airways, reducing lung function and may result in chronic health conditions such as asthma. Custom-built new homes, even in low-lying or flood-prone areas, are designed with appropriate and adequate ventilation which will see the end of any mould issues.


A silicate mineral made up of tiny fibres, Asbestos was commonly used as a building material in homes from around the 1940s up until the 1980s. Disturbing asbestos produces dust containing asbestos fibres and if breathed in, can pose a risk to one’s health. Loosely or firmly bound, asbestos may be found in older homes in weatherboards, cement roofing, eaves linings, bathroom linings and insulation. If renovating, the removal of asbestos must be undertaken by licensed asbestos removalists.

Given that most knockdown rebuilds are in older homes, the risk of asbestos being present is real. If prior renovations have been undertaken on the home, asbestos can often be found in landfills on the property. A new home will mitigate any asbestos problems. Demolition and excavation ensure that any residue will be properly disposed of ensuring your new home will be as healthy as it possibly can be.

Working from home

The past year has seen enormous changes in how we all go about our work each day. The 9-5 office situation has morphed into something completely new. 2021 now sees a very large portion of people working from home and the daily commute to the office seems like a thing of the past. The prospect of working from home, for many people, is very welcomed. It saves time in travel, allows some flexibility in the workday and more time with family at the end of the day.

The downside of constantly being at home is ensuring you have a space in the home dedicated as a home office that is completely separate from the rest of the house. At the end of a workday, it’s extremely important to be able to close a door and disconnect from work. The benefits of a knockdown rebuild allow for the inclusion of a functional office for the adults and potentially a separate study for the kids. On top of that, a new home that is completely smart wired ensures that all of a home’s technological connections are safeguarded now and into the future.

As an award-winning knockdown rebuild specialist, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and how the Peninsula Homes teams can deliver you a brand new and healthy home. Contact us today!