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3D Renders

3D Design Renders

No two homes are ever alike when you build with Peninsula Homes. Our custom design process not only allows us to meet clients’ individual and specific needs but also ensures every home is built to take in the most favourable aspects of the land and be the best it possibly can be.

Take a look through some of our 3D project renders. These help to provide clients with precision and realism, allowing us to work within council parameters and to adjust the design before the build commences.

Our Project Renders

Knockdown Rebuild Design & Render FAQ

A 3D render allows the designer to bring their vision for the home to life and to ensure it meets the needs of the client, allowing the client to visualise the home before construction commences. Any modifications to the homes’ design can be undertaken at this stage, which can save time and money once the build commences. 3D rendering is a super-powerful tool for clients, offering a life-like depiction of the exterior, allowing them to see their design, colour and material selections firsthand.

Peninsula Homes uses the services of an architectural rendering studio to bring our custom home designs to life. 

Generally, we provide detailed architectural plans, including elevations, site plans, site photos and any photos of reference to detail the desired finish of the home. We also include information regarding landscaping requirements so the finished render is as accurate as possible.

From there, a 3D model is created with various viewpoints or perspectives and we choose the one most relevant to us and what we need the design to convey. Once our chosen perspective is then brought to life with the colours, materials and finishes that we supplied to the studio. The final stage is the fun part where all the landscaping is put into place to bring the design to life.

The finished result allows us to present our vision for the home in a clear and transparent way to ensure we have met the clients’ needs for their homes.

Absolutely! We can request any aspect or perspective of the house to be completed to ensure the design & finishes are everything they should be.

It’s human nature to change our minds. So, it’s not surprising that clients can too and fro over selections and finishes for their new home. And, it’s for this reason that we are a custom home builder. Our approach to building allows clients the freedom and creativity to make alterations as their home comes to life. So, if a 3D render needs to be modified to showcase a new selection or finish, that is not a problem.

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