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A World Full Of Choices Is A Good Thing, Right?

Posted by Paul Ackling 28th Apr 2016

Just imagine the opportunity of building a new home, or renovating, and being able to choose from all types of the latest, greatest products and finishes. It sounds pretty enticing, doesn’t it? The TV shows portray it so beautifully. They make it look easy. A few quick shopping trips thrown in and, voila, the job is done. Or so it would seem…

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are literally thousands of decisions to be made through the course of a design and build project. It is crucial to remember that each decision or selection has a flow-on effect on subsequent selections. And, with each decision intertwined with the previous, getting these right will ensure you end up with little or no stress and get the house of your dreams.

Some of these decisions can range in importance from big:

  • The type of brick
  • Roofing and gutter colours
  • Which timber floors to use

To smaller:

  • Types of hinges
  • Where to put each light switch
  • Which grout colour to use

The list is endless because each of these decisions has a number of underlying choices. Take for example, the bricks on your home. It’s not as simple as a visit to a brick yard and pointing at the brick you like. There are numerous other considerations:

  • Brickwork – exposure grade for salt environments may be required
  • Type of cement in joints – grey or off white?
  • Type of sand in joints – yellow or white?
  • Type of joint – flush, raked or ironed?
  • Should you add oxide to the mix?
  • Which colour oxide? (There’s so many colours and ratios!)

This example of brickwork is just one selection in the building process, and there are literally thousands to make. It quickly goes from an exciting task to one of complete overload for many home owners. Faced with an overwhelming number of choices, often with big price tags attached, it’s understandable how stressful this situation can become with often little guidance from your builder or tradesmen.

To succeed, building projects need a skilled and committed team from start to finish. Peninsula Homes brings these elements to each home we build, teaming with people who specialise in their fields to ensure professionalism in each area of the project.

Design – Sally Gardner Design & Draft

As a member of the Building Designers Association of NSW and based on the Northern Beaches, Sally and her team have over 25 years design experience, specialising in the Warringah, Pittwater and Manly councils.

Colour selections – Deborah Faulkner – Solutions Living in Harmony

With a 30 year background as an interior decorator and design consultant, Deborah sets about bringing together a harmonious and balanced colour palette for our client’s homes.

Harvey Norman Commercial – Paul Ackling

Our dedicated consultant at Harvey Norman Commercial understands the quality that our clients look for in each home. Every client receives a personalised visit with Paul to the Harvey Norman Commercial Showroom in Taren Point. This one-stop-shop allows clients to view the latest and greatest products on the market and to select items within their specific price budget.

Kitchen design – Castlewood Kitchens

Multi award winning Castlewood Kitchens design and build all of our kitchen and bathrooms. A family operated business, they pride themselves on quality workmanship.

Suppliers and Trades People

Our suppliers and trades people are of the highest calibre and who share the same vision and dedication as Peninsula Homes, many whom we have worked with for over ten years.

These people, and many more, commit their experience and expertise to all our homes. Their individual skills are co-ordinated and pushed to creative excellence by myself, Steve and Nicole. As a team, the three of us have an intrinsic and personal understanding of each client and their dream. We are there every step of the way, which not only takes the stress out of those critical decisions but allows the build to progress on schedule.

At the end of their build, we have often been told by clients how much they enjoyed the process with us and that is was nowhere near as stressful as they had imagined it would be. We have even had clients come to us whose friends and family have tried to talk them out of building a new home, citing nightmarish examples from other builders. Thanks to the professional approach taken by Peninsula Homes, we are pleased to say those nightmares don’t happen.

Through the build, we offer a vast number of options and work through the subsequent details for you. From here, we provide the best options for discussion at our regular site meetings. Without pressure, you will be given time to consider these options before giving us the final OK. This calm and measured approach we take, translates into a very happy ending for the client.

If this is sounding like the kind of building and renovation experience you’d like to have, let us know and we’ll get in contact with you – absolutely no pressure involved!


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