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Aeratron Fans: A Simple, Stylish & Efficient Way To Cool Your Home

Posted by Paul Ackling 04th Jan 2016

As residential builders on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Peninsula Homes are always on the look out for quality products that stand out from the crowd. After all, clients come to us looking for an individually designed home and they want cutting edge products for their home that will stand the test of time. When designing homes on the Northern Beaches, we have the luxury of harnessing wonderful sea breezes.

So, it’s not surprising that our aim is first and foremost to maximise cross flow ventilation. More often than not, effective design can eliminate the need for air conditioning in the home. Currently, we are seeing a surge in client’s choosing fans for their homes rather than opting for air conditioning. The design element of fans today have the potential to be a real focal point of a room. Fans, when chosen and placed correctly and combined with effective cross flow ventilation, can make your home incredibly comfortable to live in all seasons.

Peninsula Homes have used, with great effect, Aeratron® eco-efficient ceiling fans in many of the homes we have designed and built. With Swiss-German engineering, these fans are not only innovative, they are beautifully and aerodynamically designed. Operating in virtual silence, you will never hear any of those annoying wobbling or vibration sounds heard from many other fans. Highly efficient, they consume a fraction of the electricity compared to conventional ceiling fans and even when used in conjunction with air conditioning, can reduce energy consumption by 50%. Apart from the eco-friendly benefits of Aeratron® fans, they simply look beautiful. Sleek in design, they blend seamlessly into the home.

If you are considering fans for your next building or renovating project, look no further than Aeratron®.

Take a look at where we have used the Aeratron® Eco-efficient ceiling fans:


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