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What we do

An all-encompassing approach to your individual home. Each home is designed from scratch to a predetermined budget. No cutting and pasting to try and make a predetermined design work and no designing a fabulous home only to find out that it’s way beyond your budget.

Bring us your existing plans and let us apply our expertise to bring your home to life.

We can design and build a quality home to a set budget. It is surprisingly cost effective to have a custom built home that works with your land. Because we oversee every part of the process, we can manage costs to work within your

Co-ordinating a complete submission, pre DA meetings, lodgement of the DA and liaising with Council throughout the process. This is completely managed by Peninsula Homes. There is nothing for you to do.

An investigation of each project is carried out to establish if it fits the Complying Development approval process.

Building individual homes on challenging northern beaches locations requires the experience and expertise that we bring to every home we build.

From start to finish, we will control every detail of your home. At no point do you need to deal with council or coordinate your own tradesmen. We do it all for you.

Regular fortnightly meetings are a must to keep the lines of communication open and to prevent misunderstandings. Outside of these meetings, we are always happy to talk to our clients or reply to emails.

The way you see your home can change as the new structure is built and you can physically walk through the rooms. We remain flexible to any new ideas or changes so that the final result is the best it can be.

From the first meeting, you have our attention. Our intention is to gain a complete understanding of how you would most like your home to function. This only comes about by listening to and respecting our clients.

All of the contractors engaged by Peninsula Homes have worked with us for many years and share the same work ethic. Our Site Supervisor is always on hand to lead and direct our contractors.

At our initial meeting, we work to establish what a client's budget is and work to build them a home with this cost in mind. Our fixed price contracts include everything from demolition, excavation, fittings, PC items, flooring, driveways and more.

We understand that more often than not, our clients need to rent a home whilst their new home is being built. It is with this in mind that we advise the most realistic timeframes for them to ensure they are not inconvenienced. Coupled with a strong trade base and streamlined selection process, we work to ensure that construction timeframes are kept
to a minimum.

We engage the services of a Colour Consultant who will work with you to select a colour palette for your home. This will include consultation of external colours and finishes as well as assisting with kitchen colours, tiles, flooring, bathrooms and paint colours. You will be presented with a colour board that will highlight all your selections. A carefully considered colour palette will ensure your new home stands the test of time and an independent professional Colour Consultant is the perfect person to take the guesswork out of doing this.

We build quality homes, so it’s only fitting that we want quality finishes in your home. As part of a Peninsula Homes contract, you will have a number of included premium selections from which you can choose.

No one likes a broken promise, least of all, us. We take the responsibility that our clients place in us very seriously. That is why we give so much to each home. What we say we'll do, we do.

Seeing a new home rise from the ground to handing it over to a client, it a rewarding and satisfying experience. You can rest assured, that the enthusiasm from the Peninsula Homes team is unwavering through the whole building process.

What we don’t do

An all encompassing approach to your individual home. Each home is designed from scratch to a predetermined budget. No cutting and pasting to try and make a predetermined design work and no designing a fabulous home only to find out that it’s way beyond your budget.

If additional work is requested or extra costs arise through the course of a project, these are openly discussed with the client and will only proceed once signed off by the client.

No one likes to feel the pressure of a quick decision that you may regret later. Our solid communication and timeline of work ensures that clients have ample time to make their selections.

Any works to be undertaken outside of the clients’ contract will only be done when discussed and signed off by the client.

The landscape on the Northern Beaches is varied and consideration must be given to the fact that no two blocks of land are the same. With this in mind, we ensure that all homes are designed and built to be the absolute best they can be. Simple and easy don’t come into the equation.

At Peninsula Homes, we pride ourselves on having open and honest relationships with our clients and will promptly deal with any issues that arise.

We don’t cut corners just to get the job done. Integrity is the backbone of Peninsula Homes and we have to be proud of every individual home we build.

All of the homes we build are individually designed to take in the best aspects of a client's’ block of land and to minimise the less favourable aspects. Technically correct and considered design has a long lasting and wide ranging positive impact on the home. Only individually designed homes can do this.

Renovations, just like a new home, are a major undertaking. We take the safety of our work sites very seriously and follow stringent OH&S guidelines. It is for this reason that we cannot have clients living in a home when a renovation is being done.

We use the standard Master Builders Association BC4 Residential Building Contract for all of our work and you can be assured that all costs are clearly visible within this contract.

We never want to put a contract in front of a client that we don’t think includes all it should. To under estimate, means we under deliver. We want our clients to have a true picture of the total cost of their project so there are no surprises!

We want every Peninsula Homes client to love their home as much as we do. Our integrity is on the line with each home we build. Our philosophy is simple. We follow through on our commitments and exceed at what we deliver.

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