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Three Things To Include In Your Knockdown Rebuild

Posted by Nicole O'Gready 23rd Sep 2022

With so much to think about when designing and building a new home, the features you put into your new home will be with you for a long time. It is for this reason to think long and hard about not only how you plan to use your home now, but how you think you may use it in years to come. Having the opportunity to get creative with things you’ve always dreamed about having in your new home allows for the emergence of a truly personal and unique home.

So, if you asked us, the team from Peninsula Homes, what 3 things they would really love in their brand new home, you might be surprised at their answers. Whilst we all wholeheartedly agree on energy-efficient homes, correct orientation of homes on the block and smart home technology, it’s the little things, those little tweaks, that really make the house a home.

Take a look at what we had to say.


Home Office (Paul – Director)


Pretty much every new home design now includes a home office. Undoubtedly the global pandemic meant that the work landscape has changed and, with more people now working from home, a functional and dedicated office space is a must in every home. Taking the time to think about how you want this space to feel is key and can make it a joy to work in.

What you do with this space can turn a simple room with a desk, computer and chair into something really special. Consider some of the following features:

– Custom joinery is a practical response to home office design. It provides the scope to design your room exactly how you like it, orientating desks to take in a view or to use dead space more efficiently. With so many beautiful finishes available, the sky is the limit when designing desk spaces and storage needs.

– Natural light is a must. It helps you focus and just makes you feel good. What could be bad about that?

– Multi-functional lighting is critical to a comfortable workspace.

– Adding a lounge and a TV can transform the humble study into a working oasis.

– Make sure there is ample ventilation. A stuffy room can make you sleepy. If window opening space is limited, consider using a ceiling fan or air conditioning.

– Add some indoor plants to liven up the room, improve air quality, increase productivity and boost your mood!

A Second Living Space (Steve - Director)

Open plan living is still at the forefront of new home designs and renovations. It is super easy to love large, multi-functional spaces which provide a bright, airy and modern layout. The benefits of open plan living bring the family together and it is great for entertaining. Who doesn’t love bringing the outside in with big bi-fold doors opening onto an alfresco area? It’s the Aussie way of life.

However fabulous open living is, there is merit behind also having breakaway areas that can be closed off for privacy. After all, we all need our own space from time-time. The benefit of an additional living space first and foremost, provides you with freedom. If you are a family with young children, a second living area can be a room where they have their toys and can play; keeping the main living areas tidy and free from clutter. As they get older, they can watch their own TV shows, hang with friends in privacy or play their video games. As adults, being able to retreat to another living space is like a little piece of paradise; a place to binge a favourite show, read a book or just put your feet up with a bit of peace and quiet.

A second living space can be like a little home away from home so make it special. Here are a few ideas to think about:

– Invest in a super comfy lounge, cushions and throws.

– Consider a gas fireplace.

– Custom joinery with a mini fridge will ensure everything you need is at your fingertips.

– A TV on the wall and good quality sound bar.

– Install soundproofing insulation; it’s a winner when you want to play your movies loud or not hear the kids for a while!

Master Bedroom That Feels Like A Sanctuary (Nicole – Office Manager)

We all know that feeling of going on a holiday, walking into your accommodation and being wowed by a stunning bedroom, wardrobe space and bathroom. Having a master bedroom that feels like a sanctuary in your own home should be on your list of must-haves when designing a new home. Here are a few things to consider:

– Ensure your bed will fit the room with the correct proportions. A large bed in a room not designed for it will immediately feel congested.

– Where possible, opt for a walk-in robe. Customise your wardrobe to how you will best use it every day. Add more hanging space if you like all things hung up and consider a large mirror on one wall for dressing. Investigate different textures and finishes for the interior of your wardrobe, rich timber finishes can add real warmth to the WIR.

– Think about suitable lighting and power points. Use bedside table lamps, floor lamps and dimmable downlights to create a beautiful ambience.

– When it comes to an ensuite, the sky is the limit! If you use a shower more than a bath, create a beautiful shower space with a rain shower head and a hand-held shower. Niches along a shower wall are the perfect nooks for storing all of your bits and pieces. Recessed shaving cabinets are so handy, keeping all the things you use daily up at eye level.

– If you choose to have a bath in the ensuite, consider a floor-filling spout. This creates such luxury without really torturing the hip pocket.

– When it’s time to choose tiles, don’t go to a gazillion tile shops, you will only get confused!! Choose one that you know has a good range and seek out the support of their consultant in-store. They will guide you on the best use of tiles for your space and help with the coordination of colour.

– Invest in great window treatments. The list of options is endless; shutters, curtains, sheers, block outs. Think about your window coverings early on as this can guide the direction for your entire room and colour scheme.

– Last but not least, choose the right bedding, linen and cushions. Your furnishings will make or break that sanctuary feel, so spoil yourself with some luxurious finishes for your bed.


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