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Why You Need a Professional

Posted by Nicole O'Gready 17th Feb 2022

We all need professional people to undertake specific tasks in life – those who have specific skill sets and who have spent time and energy mastering their craft. So, why is it that people want to manage their own new home or renovation build? Construction know-how is critical and using a professional construction business, like Peninsula Homes, can avoid costly pitfalls, create efficiencies and keep your project running on time. 

Construction work is now under the microscope more than ever. Defective building practices and faulty products, over recent years, are all leading to reforms in the sector. In essence, you need to know who you are dealing with, the credentials behind them and the products they use. It’s a reason why many Private Certifiers now do not take on owner-builders – the risk is just too great. 

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t service your own car or cut your own hair! So why would you put at risk your home, the biggest investment in your life, by trying to manage and navigate all the building jargon?

The expertise of the Peninsula Homes team is here for the client; to deliver their new home and manage the entire process. Our process of managing the design, budget, inclusions, build schedule and risk management combine to provide the optimum and stress-free result for our clients.


Building only on the Northern Beaches means that we only need to be familiar with one council and one set of rules and regulations. Understanding the intricacies means we can avoid the pitfalls of re-designs, ultimately avoiding delays and costs to the project. 

We know the consultants to engage and what is required for each project and at what stage, meaning the project just keeps flowing. No stops and starts.


Manage Costs

To know how to keep costs under control is the golden ticket in construction. Operating on a fixed price contract assures you peace of mind. Plus, our ongoing checks and balances ensure the budget stays in hand, leaving you free to enjoy the building process.


Product Selection

Our knowledge of products, their aesthetics and function mean that we choose the best products for every project. Of course, we welcome our client’s input into their finished selections and undertake due diligence in ensuring they meet our high standards and of course, industry standards.


Risk Management

When you engage Peninsula Homes, you hand the risk over to us. We take the lead to ensure a managed budget, timely build schedule, a safe work site and work to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances that can arise through a build.

Let’s face it, a home is built by a team. And the best team to manage a new home build is one that can manage the client’s best interests; design, budget control, risk management, build schedule and procurement.

Feel free to contact us and talk through our proven approach to residential design and construction.


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