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The Importance of Well Chosen Colour & Finishes

Posted by Paul Ackling 12th May 2015

Peninsula Homes constantly succeeds in building beautiful homes for their clients. One of the chief areas where Peninsula Homes smartly chooses to seek support advice is in the colour palette and finishes, specifically and individually selected for every client. I have had the pleasure of working with this company for several years now in the role as their interior and exterior colour, design and finishes consultant.

After receiving my brief from Peninsula Homes, I make personal contact with their clients to receive a further brief regarding their new home. I discover what they anticipate by way of street appeal for the exterior presentation, what they feel comfortable with in colour, generally, for both exterior and interior and to what extent they like to explore design possibility and style. We cover ideas for living, the kitchen and bathrooms and how they and their family like to live in their home, an all-important discussion in order to best settle clients into their new home. Individuality is a key element of selecting finishes for every client project. Each home is designed uniquely for Peninsula Homes’ client and hence the finishes are also individually selected to their taste, design exploration and comfort to enjoy.

Colour! Can anyone imagine a world without it? It evokes an immediate reaction from the senses. It affects us physically, emotionally and mentally and that’s why it is important to choose tones and areas of colour that work best, not only for the enhancement of good home design but for the people in the home. In reference to ‘whites’ for example, there are a vast number of whites, and one can be right for the space and the other totally wrong. Light plays an integral part in selecting colour for each space.

Textures and blends of finishes, these can expand the design concept of a kitchen or bathroom, enhance the warmth and appeal of a living space, or wrongly chosen, fracture and disconnect.

Upon completion of my role, I present both Peninsula Homes and the client with a storyboard presentation of all colour and finishes for both the exterior and interior. The client then has a very good snapshot of how their home appears externally and how it is fully coordinated internally. It is the basis for all colour and finishes, which can then be further tweaked if the client so wishes. It is an easy matter to alter, change or adjust as they see fit or simply lock it in.

This service that Peninsula Homes adds to their building projects ensures every success in building the new home and my great reward is seeing the results.


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