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Stylish Homes with Stunning Views

Posted by Paul Ackling 05th Mar 2015

A thoroughly modern home with expansive district and ocean views. This new home, high up at North Curl Curl, certainly takes in the best that the Northern Beaches has to offer.

This knockdown and rebuild project was designed to meet the NSW Housing Code – Complying Development requirements which alleviated the need for the regular council DA process. So efficient were the planning works and construction process that from the first concept plans to owners moving in was only 16 months.

The goal when designing a new home that has views is to set out the home so the spaces that are used the most enjoy the best outlook. The ground floor lounge room was set off the balcony at the front of the home for precisely this reason. Then an open plan living/dining area was positioned to allow an outlook through the lounge room windows and out to the ocean.

On the first floor we were able to set out the floor plan so that multiple rooms enjoyed the impressive view. The master bedroom was positioned in the southeast corner and commands views from both the front and side windows. A slightly lower window sill height was used here so that the view can be seen while sitting up in bed.

The second lounge room was also positioned at the front of the first floor. An oversized glass door was used to allow access to the balcony, together with enabling easterly views. A pleasant surprise was just how good the ocean view was from the rear home office on the first floor. Again, with our aim to continually maximise any view, the window was positioned lower to allow a full view when seated at the desk. A very pleasant work space, indeed!

The potential need to install air-conditioning is often discussed through the design process and this home was no different. In the end, the choice was made to build the home without air-conditioning. This decision was not made lightly by our client and we set about designing and specifying the home to maximise the following factors:

  • Direct pathways were created from the front to rear of the home to allow maximum crossflow ventilation.
  • A suspended concrete slab construction was used for the ground floor, which provided excellent thermal mass.
  • Generous eaves were used to shade windows from the high summer sun.
  • All cladding areas have a cavity to the wall insulation which allows air flow inside the wall and means the bulk insulation can function to its optimum capacity.
  • High quality Earthwool insulation was installed in both the ceiling and walls of the home.

All of these items work together in harmony, providing year round comfort for the home owners. So not only is this home impressive to look at (and look out of!) it is a wonderfully comfortable home all year round.


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