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Roof Ventilation: Essential for Energy Efficiency

Posted by Paul Ackling 30th Oct 2014

Most people don’t give too much thought to the roof of their home. The inside is lined with a ceiling and the outside keeps the elements at bay. Simple. However, the function of this space can have a measurable effect on the liveability of any home. Roof ventilation is a key factor in ensuring your home is energy efficient.

The processes and methods we use to build environmentally sound homes result in roof spaces that are well sealed from drafts and air flow. This is certainly a positive thing as it provides stable and comfortable living areas inside the home. However, it can provide the need for controllable ventilation of hot air build up in summer, while allowing warm air to be retained in the cooler months.

We have had excellent results using the Australian made Edmonds Airomatic Roof Ventilator. Using a dual purpose ventilator, they can set to cool a roof space on hot days or set for constant ventilation to reduce condensation. Running on a 24V DC, they are safe and easy to install, with no electrician required. Roof Ventilation is just one part of the overall consideration to how a house functions. As northern beaches builders, we consider these often overlooked details vitally important to ensure your home is not only comfortable and pleasant to live in, but is also energy.

Here’s a downloadable .pdf from Edmonds explaining how the Airomatic Ventilator works.

Edmonds Airomatic


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