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A Recipe in Getting it Right

Posted by Paul Ackling 18th Sep 2014

Today I had the pleasure of returning to a home that we completed three months ago at Newport, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The home was designed and built on a particularly frugal budget which presented challenges and swayed selections throughout the process. So, it was great to get the chance to see the house now that our client has moved in and made it a home.

Beautifully furnished and with artwork on the walls, it looked great. What really struck me was how this house felt. There was not one particular element that stood out to look at, but there was certainly a particular feeling to the space.

That got me thinking as to what is the recipe for this particular feeling. Yes, ample natural light, a beautiful outlook, warmth on a winter’s morning, colours and finishes that work in harmony and well proportioned rooms all contribute. But like any recipe, the raw ingredients can be bland and even unsavoury unless they are proportioned correctly and mixed just right.

This mixture is both individual owner and site specific. No two homes should be built exactly the same because it’s the subtleties that make a house truly a home.


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