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Peninsula Homes & Kennards Hire: A Winning Combination

Posted by Paul Ackling 23rd Sep 2019

Steve, one of Peninsula Homes co-owners and Director, recently had the pleasure of working with the Kennards Hire team on a promotional commercial on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The premise behind the commercial was for what situations we utilise Kennards Hire.

There are 3 simple reasons why we know and trust Kennards Hire

1. For anyone undertaking a building project, you know from the outset that you are not going to have all the equipment, for every job, at your fingertips. Every job and site throws its own complexities into the mix, so it would be naive to think we could have every tool for every situation. Coupled with the fact that to do so, would be impractical and cost prohibitive. Hiring from Kennards, when required, is a cost efficient way to do business, saving us on capital outlay.

2. Who doesn’t love letting out fingers do the walking? Having 24/7 access and the ability to hire through the website allows us to plan our equipment requirements in advance and order online, freeing up time and resources on the job site. For the bigger equipment hires, their delivery service is efficient and a huge time-saver for our busy Site Manager.

3. Boys and their toys…As builders, we love to know about all the latest and greatest tools and equipment that are in the market place. And sometimes, we are not even sure about what tool might be the best for our job. Switched on and knowledgeable Kennards Hire staff know exactly the right tools for the job.

Like any company, at Peninsula Homes, when we undertake projects, we like to know they will work out how we envisaged them. The simplicity of relying on Kennards Hire for our hiring needs ensures things turn out as planned.


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