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Master Builders Excellence Award

Posted by Paul Ackling 07th Nov 2017

The saying goes, “do what you love for a living and you will never work a day in your life”. We certainly live that motto here at Peninsula Homes. It is our great fortune to love what we do with such a passion. The satisfaction gained from helping our clients from their existing homes,guiding them through design and construction process and finally seeing them settle into their new home is something very special every time. This feeling of satisfaction is magnified for us in knowing all the work, dedication and energy that we put into each home.

To receive this industry recognition of this particular project is extra special.This home featured clever design, incorporating green design principles and our execution of finish was instantly noticeable and received highly by the experienced judges, as noted in their comments;  “A lot of thought has gone into this house to accomodate the needs of the client, the budget and the steep site. Full of great ideas to save space and make some rooms multi-functional to fit the families needs. A high standard of finish was maintained all the way through.”

This block of land presented many challenges for not only design principles to function, but also the demands that construction works pose on such a steeply sloping site. The owners came to us with a very open brief that centred on three key elements:

  • a subtle understated look from the street
  • a feeling of the house opening up and expanding towards the rear ocean and city views
  • getting the northern sunlight into the south facing living areas and lower level


The design and construction materials concept that we put forward was different from what David and Fran had seen in their own investigations of design to that point. Our method of presentation is old school and simple (I still have the first pencil drawn concept plan in my file) but the soundness of the design concept was easily seen. Then, over the time of design and council submission, further details was poured into the base design to really squeeze every last benefit from the location.

The desire to maximise the benefits of the home continued all the way through the 12 month build.  A collaboration of ideas from David and Fran and the Peninsula Homes team shine through into the finished product.

For our team being able to come to work each day and enjoy ourselves is something we really appreciate. Knowing that what we create will be affecting the lives of our clients in such a positive way, is a very special feeling indeed. Receiving industry accolades is the icing on the cake.

Onto the next homes we go with smiles on our faces, enjoying what we do and hopefully making our clients dreams of owning a custom built home come true.


You can check out a walkthrough of the award winning home here or read more about about the design process.


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