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Is a busy builder a better builder? What can happen when a builder over commits…

Posted by Paul Ackling 04th Apr 2017

The construction of a home involves countless details to bring about a beautiful finished product. Within these details lies the difference between ‘just ok – it’s a roof over our head that will keep the rain out’ and ‘a wonderfully timeless home that brings a feeling of joy to everyday life’.

With the Sydney housing market at an all-time high, it’s easy for builders to take advantage of these opportune times and accept more work, potentially more than one could handle. The equation looks simple to some builders: more jobs = more dollars. So why would they say no to the extra work, right?

This can go well for a short while until the jobs start piling up and the care and attention to each one diminishes. What happens next is something we all have seen: the progress on the construction site slows to a grinding halt for weeks (and sometimes months) on end, resulting in a new home not only running behind schedule, but is being exposed to the potentially damaging elements. Delays in your building schedule to this magnitude can add tens of thousands of dollars to your finished build. Just think about how much additional money you would have to spend to keep renting a property while your home is being built! And that’s just one example…there are countless others. These delays that come about are, more often than not, a result of a builder over committing themselves and the flow on effect can be like a tsunami. It builds slowly and for a short while can go unnoticed, but it’s enormously damaging once it arrives. Like a tsunami, once you see it it’s often too late.

Being a niche, owner-operated residential building company on the Northern Beaches means that Steve and myself remain hands on with our small amount of projects. We are steadfast in our commitment to never starting more homes than we can give our personal attention to at any one time. This overriding commitment to quality over quantity flows the entire way through our design and build projects. For starters, it allows us enough time to meet with the owners whenever necessary to plan out details; ultimately forging great working relationships with each and everyone one of them. During the construction phase, we work hand in hand with skilled and committed tradespeople that have worked with Peninsula Homes since our company’s inception. We know they deliver on quality time and again! Upon completion of the home, we remain personally available to answer any questions or attend to any maintenance issues. We don’t simply hand over a key and walk away. When you engage Peninsula Homes, we are there for the long haul.

Our clients place a great value on this personal attention we provide. It allows them to not only be an integral part of the building of their home (most actually come to the realisation that they enjoyed the building process and it was less stressful than they thought), but more often than not, they would quite happily build with us again!

Testimonials from our clients mean the world to us. Here’s a little snippet:

“Paul & Steve from Peninsula Homes are two highly organised individuals and together make an amazing team. “Anything is possible” with Peninsula Homes. While we were building, people loved asking us how our builders were and were very keen to share their own building horror stories. They were most surprised when we had only good things to say about Peninsula Homes. We felt very involved in the building process. I am sure there will be another collaboration in the future.”

Michelle – Collaroy

“The attention to detail throughout the build was second to none. We plan on living in this home for many years to come and so the thought of ever building another home couldn’t be further from our minds. But, if we ever did build again, we would definitely want it to be with Peninsula Homes”.

Scott & Berni – North Curl Curl – You can check out more about their home here!

“Reliable, efficient, resourceful and the most personable team you could want working on your home.”

Paul & Georga – Freshwater

“A huge thank you to both Paul and Steve. You work so well as a team and kept us informed throughout the whole process. We were pleasantly surprised at how the project was completed on time and within our budget. We are very pleased with the quality of the workmanship, continue to recommend your services and would definitely go with Peninsula Homes if we were to rebuild again.

Richard & Natalie – Collaroy



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