When a House Becomes a Home

Posted by Paul Ackling 17th Jan 2017

In August 2012, I first met Scott and Berni at their Headland Rd property in North Curl Curl. They already had a DA approved house but were not considering building at all due to the quotes coming back near double what they wanted to spend. Under close consultation with Scott and Berni, Peninsula Homes were able to subtly redesign the home to almost halve the original estimates without compromising the essence of the homes design.

Now close to three years after completion, this house on the hill has most certainly become a much loved home. It’s always such a pleasure to return and see not only what the houses we build look like once families settle in, but also how the homes feel for the the families. This “feel” is something that we strive for continually, not only through our design works, but also in the specification of just the right materials. Then we continue to focus all the way through construction on the countless details that combine to create the look and feel that all our clients enjoy.

It’s an absolute privilege to be involved in the creation of our clients homes. Returning to feel this homes heart serves to remind us of the great honour and responsibility we have when building. Many thanks to Scott and Berni for allowing us to return and experience their home.


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