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Our Holistic Approach to Design

Posted by Paul Ackling 25th Oct 2016

How we live in our homes is constantly changing, so the spaces we create within our new homes needs to be adaptable to these changing requirements. Often times, we’ll all consider the more long term changes that take place:

  • children becoming teenagers
  • teenagers becoming adults
  • retirement years
  • space for grandchildren
  • ease of access as we age

These are all areas to consider and quite rightly should occupy much consideration when planning, designing and building a new home. Any home should certainly cover these type of long term needs. But what about the days in between? Our homes must constantly adapt to the individual days and seasons that make up our long term futures. Skilful and well considered design, together with detailed execution, maximises the day to day enjoyment of all our homes.

Here are some past examples of our custom-designed Northern Beaches homes that take these types of things into account:

  • Newport – A home that seamlessly integrated ground floor in law accommodation.
  • Collaroy – A home situated on a tiny angular block that still allowed entertaining spaces for regular large extended family gatherings.
  • Killarney Heights – A home with front to rear open plan living space, while also having a closable lower living room for their two sons. That living room also opened out onto a fenced front yard.
  • North Curl Curl – A home with a snug north facing lounge room/courtyard for the winter months that opens to the south facing rear that will see many a long summer afternoon enjoyed.
  • Freshwater – A home that has perfectly placed windows to draw the cooling breezes from the lower levels up through the entire home. This aspect is a constant enjoyment to the owners.
  • Dee Why – A home with beautiful timber decks taking in coastal views and just the right amount of sun. The angled and well considered shading elements provide perfect summer shade, while allowing an abundance of winter sun onto the deck and into the home.

All of these considerations mentioned above, help create a positive influence on the lives of each owner. It is without question that a home by Peninsula Homes will always be designed for the long term function and adaptability. But it is the details of our everyday living that have the most impact on our long term. It’s in the consideration and execution of these many details that we thrive and often where our greatest satisfaction is found.


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