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Posted by Paul Ackling 12th Jun 2020

Tips for Designing Your Ideal Storage

You’ve made the decision to upgrade your wardrobes, so it’s time to decide what type of storage will best suit you and your lifestyle. Properly-designed, custom storage really can improve your life by lifting the mental weight of clutter and giving you a sense of freedom and clarity, not to mention the time you’ll save by not having to search for misplaced items. Well-designed storage will also enable you to take better care of your things. So now is the time to commit to the task, really consider what kind of storage will work for you and your family and make some preliminary decisions. For inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram could be a good place to start.

Before you begin your design plan take the time to consider a few points – these are not set in stone, but merely a starting point in the journey towards designing your ideal storage. It’s also a really good way to ensure you are maximising your available storage space.

Think About:

What type of wardrobe will your room accommodate?

Walk-in, sliding or hinged doors? This will largely be determined by the space available. Sliding doors are functional, economical and generally the best solution for small or tricky spaces. Hinged doors look great but require more space and are generally more expensive as they are more time-consuming to install.

Once you’ve pondered these first few points, it’s time to think about layout.

Take an honest look at what’s currently in your wardrobe. Do you wear a lot of dresses? If so, you’ll require more full-length hanging space. For folded items, you’ll need drawers and shelves. Are you a collector of shoes? Then maybe you’d like extra space to store them? Drawers are ideal for storing and organising smaller items such as underwear and socks, while shelves are great for folded jumpers and larger items. Do you need to store bedding or suitcases? If so, a large shelf along the top part of your wardrobe can be invaluable storage for items that don’t need to be readily accessible.

Once you’ve thought about these things, you’ll have a clearer idea of the type of space and storage you need to really get organised. Don’t be afraid to look at several design options to see what suits you best.

What about the finish?

Is there any particular colour or door profile you have your heart set on? The style of your home and interior should be taken into account here, white with a shaker profile for a Hamptons style home? V-joint for a beachy look and feel or perhaps a timber veneer or mirror finish? There are plenty of options, and by considering your general home décor you’ll quickly decide on a look you’ll love. Don’t forget the all-important handles and fixtures. There are endless options but, again, by considering your existing home décor, you’ll soon find something to suit your home’s look and style. If you need some inspiration, check out Peninsula Home’s gallery for some beautifully styled homes.

An experienced wardrobe company like 7am Wardrobes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches can advise and help with all these decisions and with a showroom located in Brookvale, you are sure to find plenty of inspiration.


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