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Custom Powder Coating – More Functional & Longer Lasting Than You Might Think

Posted by Paul Ackling 27th Nov 2014

On a recent Northern Beaches project with an east facing coastal outlook, the client was after a handrail that was not only stylish and robust but also low in maintenance. They liked the look and size of timber but, with busy lives, had no time to paint it regularly, which, when using timber, is a must!

So an alternative of a custom made powder coated aluminium handrail with a wide top rail and 40mm uprights was chosen. The end result is a stunning feature to their home and it is virtually maintenance free. Even a purist would have trouble telling the difference.

Furthermore, our experience as northern beaches builders has, over the years, encouraged us to investigate methods and products that work in the harsh coastal environment. This is an example where the product not only looks great, but is maintenance free and will stand the test of time.


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