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Designing A Custom Northern Beaches Home? It’s Surprising How Cost Effective It Can Be!

Posted by Paul Ackling 21st Aug 2014

A custom designed home can be a surprisingly cost effective option when considering a knockdown and rebuild on the Northern Beaches. Building a home that looks beautiful is only one part of what a custom designed home can be. Often the real beauty is in what can’t be easily seen from the street or in a photo.

An example of this beauty can be in its ongoing efficiency and how the home feels to live in. These continuing positive effects to the owners lives can be in various forms:

– A well designed floor layout makes the maximum use of available floor space, providing multi use areas for family members, both now and as your children grow.

– A functional, effective home office can provide a quality and productive home working environment, cutting down on travel cost and time.

– Our homes are designed specifically for each block. This allows us to make best use of the Northern Beaches local environment in capturing breezes, sunlight and taking into consideration privacy issues. These items make a huge contribution not only to your liveability but also to reducing heating and cooling costs for the life of the home.

– Passive environmental design, together with efficient hot water, tap fixtures, kitchen appliances and LED lighting, provide ongoing utility bill savings.

– A custom designed home doesn’t need expensive fittings and fixtures to “dress it up”.

Peninsula Homes take an overall approach to inclusions. We provide a professional designer to advise on colour, flooring, tile and cabinetry selections that all compliment each other to ensure each home feels just right.

– Practical fixture and fitting selections sourced from major suppliers provide years of trouble free service, saving maintenance costs in future years.

– More and more people are understanding the difference a well designed home can make. This broader understanding will continue to provide greater resale value for smart, efficient homes.

There is no one solution that best fits each individual homesite or homeowner. This is where a custom designed home is the answer. And when your home is designed and built by Peninsula Homes, taking a practical and considered approach to each and every detail, you will experience just how wonderful a designer home can feel.

Do you have more ideas on reducing costs when designing your own home? Let us know in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you and help create your perfect home.


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