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Choosing EziCleen is Crystal Clear

Posted by Paul Ackling 20th Jun 2017

Choosing EziCleen is Crystal Clear

As custom designed residential builders on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it’s only natural that we choose to utilise glass in many of our designs. Not only does it allow uninterrupted views, but once open, they harness those stunning sea breezes. The down side of using glass in our coastal environment is the presence of sea spray and salt air, which can quite quickly make that crystal clear view turn cloudy. Let’s face it, the reason we use glass is, quite simply, it’s beautiful. But, when left to the elements, and without proper cleaning, it won’t stay that way for long.

The same can be said not only for windows, but glass balustrades, pool fences and shower screens, all of which are showpieces in their own right. No one wants to sit in a stunning alfresco area looking through a dirty glass pool fence, just as you would not want to walk into a sparkling new bathroom, only to find soap scum build up on the shower screen. So, when we hand over a brand new home to a client, we want all of these glass elements to look the same ten years down the track, as they do at handover.

And, let’s face it, cleaning and scrubbing of our glass surfaces is neither practical nor enjoyable. To keep them looking pristine, regular cleaning would be necessary. We simply want our clients to move into their homes and not have to fuss about the cleaning of glass finishes.

At Peninsula Homes we are always on the look out for new and innovative products that not only save time and ultimately money for our clients, but also preserves and protects the appearance of a product so it looks exactly like the day its was installed. So, when we came across Ezi Cleen Surface Protection about four or five years ago, we were blown away. Even better, it’s an Australian Company who clearly understands the impact our harsh environment can have on the fixtures and finishes of our homes. A Nanotechnology coating, it creates a bond on the glass surface that is ultimately a non-stick surface, and repels oil, water and dirt.

Over the past few years, Peninsula Homes have used EziCleen Surface Protection on all of our new custom designed homes as well as homes we have renovated. The need for application has varied on each job, some have had a large presence of external glass; windows, pool fences and balustrades, whilst others have treated just their shower screens. In each case, our clients have been amazed at how the glass in their homes have remained so brilliantly clean over a significant period of time. This has been particularly noted on several of our homes where some windows can be totally inaccessible and thus dangerous to clean. EziCleen claim that the application of the surface protection reduces cleaning by up to 90%. We can honestly say that is absolutely correct. Once the coating is applied, you can throw away your harsh cleaners and chemicals. All your treated glass areas need is a wash down with some water. Now, that’s a great thing for the environment.

It’s fair to say, we use many products when building a new home. But to have come across Ezi Cleen, is an absolute find. For a product to be so simple to apply, environmentally considerate and the benefits it provides to glazing products, it really is a must try product whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one.


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