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The benefits of choosing a design and build company over a separate architect and separate builder

Posted by Paul Ackling 11th Aug 2014

Before choosing who or what process to use when designing your new home, you must first consider which elements are more important or critical to you. This goes deeper than just deciding what you would like, but is more a case of listing your priorities.
This could read something like:

  • Maximise the land’s potential views
  • Accommodate a growing family
  • Set budget
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low ongoing maintenance

This list could also have individual requirements like: future in-law accommodation, a sound-proofed music room or as simple as space for a garden.
Once you have given this list proper consideration, it will be clear to you just how many various aspects there are in a design and build project. Taking responsibility for the control of each aspect is what Peninsula Homes does. We bring together all the required professionals to ensure your list of priorities are not only met, but your expectations are exceeded.

How is this achieved?

We Care – the responsibility that our clients place in us is not something we take lightly. That is why we give so much of ourselves to each home. Each and every home we design has a life of its own, so we nurture each one with great care in every detail. This goes beyond the items you can see and starts with the foundations, structure, use of appropriate materials and then follows through to practical kitchen designs, fabulous tile selections and inspired colour palettes.

We Listen – from the first meeting, you have our attention. This is your home and part of our responsibility is to listen when you speak. This goes beyond simply following your formal instruction, but gaining a complete understanding of how you would like your home to function, how you plan to use your home and how you most like to live. Quite often it is the little, seemingly unimportant comments that our clients make, that once incorporated into the home, can provide that more lasting liveability aspects and ongoing satisfaction. It takes time to hear these things and this is most likely to happen when a single group of people take responsibility for the entire project.

We Own It – How often have you been told something by a sales person only to find out later that it wasn’t quite right? Then, the person you are now dealing with says that they didn’t say that, so how can it be their fault? This simply does not happen when you deal with the same person from start to finish. Nobody is completely perfect, but we are the next best thing. We own what we say and do. If something is discussed in our first meeting, then that is what we keep to.

Each method (architect, project, owner builder) of designing and building a home has its place. A single design and build company, such as Peninsula Homes, can offer the individual design, kept to a predetermined budget, while managing every individual aspect of the project. What could be simpler?

Do you have a question about the design and build process? Let us know in the comments section below.


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