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A Simple Affordable Home Done Right

Posted by Paul Ackling 21st Apr 2015

This unassuming single storey home in North Manly was a favourite of ours when it was completed nearly 3 years ago in August 2012 and it remains that way today. It continues to show us that clean, effective design has a such a positive impact on the lives of our clients.

The owners of this property came to us after going some way down the building path with a larger building company. After a long period of disappointments and extra costs (even before starting site works) with that builder, understandably the owners were looking for other options. We happened to be building in a nearby street at the time and they had been admiring the look of that home together with the steady progress on site. So they looked through our website to find out who we were and what type of homes we built. Unfortunately they came to the conclusion that Peninsula Homes being a one off, custom home builder that we would be more expensive than they could afford. After all they only wanted a simple single story home!

Time went by and these owners continued to have issues with their builder through the preliminary stages before starting site works. Meanwhile we had completed our home in the nearby street and those owners had moved in. I don’t know what exactly it was, but one day these owners decided to knock on the door of our finished house and speak to our clients and find out what their experience had been with us.
After enjoying a cup of tea together and a good chat about the build, they were convinced to call us and give it a try. A short 3 months after this 1st phone call we had finalised a one off home design featuring:

  • Vast sloping ceilings to the main living areas,
  • North facing highlight windows to fill the living space with warm natural light
  • Bifold doors opening onto a covered rear deck
  • Large eaves that shade from the summer sun and also keep the rear deck area dry in even the most driving rain.
  • Laminated glass windows to block out the traffic noise
  • All catered for within the original budget brief.

The build progressed steadily over the next 6 months with the clients being involved in the process the entire way.

Since that time I have had the pleasure of bumping into these owners a few times, it is certainly wonderful to hear them talk with such affection for the home that we were able to create for them. One particular comment that sticks in my mind is that they love being at home so much they are now planning to retire from work earlier than previously expected.

It’s a fantastic part of our business, that we are able to be involved in helping people realise their dream of a new home. Then add to that the fact that many of our clients actually under estimate just how much of an impact living in a custom designed and one off built home would have on their day to day lives. To exceed peoples expectations and then to witness them enjoying the homes we create is truly special.


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