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A Worthwhile Journey

Posted by Paul Ackling 14th Jul 2015


Sometimes, it is the unexpected things that turn out to be the most worthwhile. This was certainly the case when it came to our latest project in Curl Curl.

You may be thinking “Hang on, aren’t all the unexpected things in building where the horror stories come from??” Not in this case! The “unexpected” things in this project turned out to be the best surprises. Here’s what we mean:

  • The slick 7 month construction timeframe
  • The stress free and genuine ease of the build for the owners
  • The fact they were building a completely new home at all!

Let me take you back to March 2013 to further explain just how this stunning new home came to be. I received an enquiry, from Peter & Susie, regarding a potential renovation and first floor addition to their Curl Curl home. The existing home had been renovated some 10 years earlier, but had now become too small and, along with being cold and damp, was completely lacking of natural sunlight to the rear south facing living areas. So, Peter and Susie’s requests looked something like this:

  • Add more rooms on a new first floor
  • Reconfigure the ground floor to allow stairs and more living rooms
  • Provide natural light to the rear living areas of the home
  • Do something to make the low level/flood prone garage somehow usable

The surprises started when I provided 2 different proposals of works, one for the requested alterations & additions and then a second for a complete knockdown & rebuild…

Central Void Area

This sunlit void feeds magnificent natural sunlight directly into the heart of the home. It also provides a seamless connection between the home office and lounge room at the front of the home and the main open plan living area to the rear. It also allows the central garden courtyard to be seen from the first floor.

Galley Kitchen

This kitchen ticks all the boxes for a stylish, functional and usable space. For starters, the length of the island bench is massive 3.7m long, which provides an abundance of working space for this busy family. To the right of the rear bench is a large, but discreet pantry with bi-fold doors to hide all that day to day clutter. With windows on all three sides, this area has both the visual outlook and flow-through that makes being in this space a true pleasure.

Custom Fitted Laundry

Often a laundry is the forgotten room of a home, being made to fit in the remaining space or, even worse, placed in a cupboard. But not in this home! With careful consideration to cabinet design and usability, this laundry looks great together with being an efficient working space to get the chores done quickly and easily. That stunning white translucent glass door leads directly out onto a sunny and private clothesline, separate from the back garden. Perfect!

Now that the moving in process is behind them, Peter and Susie are very much enjoying their new home. As winter turns to spring and the new landscaping starts to take hold, they can open up the home to make full use of the carefully planned cross flow ventilation. We know their pleasure in living in their new home will only grow.


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