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Curl Curl


Modern Northern Beaches home that allowed northern sunlight from the front yard of the home into the rear living areas. Provide multiple zones for flexible family living.

Unique Aspects

– Side courtyard to allow natural light and garden view

– Multi-level design to create separate living zones and stylish streetscape

– Large eaves and cross flow ventilation maximised to allow comfortable summer living without the use of air conditioning

– Recycled blackbutt used in custom built office bench and floating bookshelves


Our client was set on a renovation to their existing home when they first spoke with Peninsula Homes. However, we were able to design and build a complete new home for a similar cost to that of the renovation. This resulted in each detail of the design being done without having to compromise which, in the end, means the home is the best it can possibly be. These owners really committed to our overall process of design, specification and inclusions, which allowed them to move into the home ahead of schedule with driveway, landscaping, floors and an Occupation Certificate all completed.

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