Premium Cladding - A Perfect Northern Beaches Look
Northern Beaches Cladding

Premium Cladding – A Perfect Northern Beaches Look

Author: Paul Ackling

Being a builder of one-off, custom designed homes throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches sees Peninsula Homes use a wide variety of cladding products . In two recent projects, we have used a classic Linea fibre cement board from James Hardies Scyon Range. This Linea profile is extra thick at 16mm, which provides a sense of depth, as well as a truly solid feel.

We employ a batten system to all our cladding wall constructions. This, together with Linea’s extra thickness, allows a wall rating of up to 2.8R. The batten system also works extremely well with our large section corner trims and window architraves. As the vapour barrier is located behind the battens, both the cladding boards and trim are able to be glued with a flexible adhesive/sealant. Then our painters use a flexible Polyfilla Professional W50 weatherboard sealant, on the lap of each and every board, prior to painting. All of this additional sealant/adhesive, results in a cladding that has very little movement, which ensures the applied paint lasts as long, or even longer, than the manufacturers stated warranty. This all helps our homes stand up to the harsh beachside environment well into the future.

Whatever your choice of exterior paint colours, you can see from these two homes that the Linea lends itself to both dark and light colours equally well. The classic neutrals of Dulux Clay Pipe gives a soft, timeless feel to this North Balgowlah home, that really allows it to recede into its leafy location. While our Collaroy home is painted in a deep blue/grey from Dulux called Ticking. This home on the hill will be a striking and bold addition to the neighbourhood, while the Linea classic profile allow it to retain the beaches charm.

In all, we have enjoyed working with the Hardies Linea Cladding on these 2 recent projects. With results like these, we are certain to be specifying it on many future homes.

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