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  • Stormwater Challenge

    Here’s a recent story from Steve about how not everything always goes to plan on every build. Sometimes you just have to dig through 5 properties to connect a pipe….     There are many challenges faced when doing knockdown … … read more

  • Protecting Your Home Through The Build     

    With multiple trades working on a building site at any one time, it’s absolutely imperative to ensure that all work that has been carried out is protected from damage.   This may seem like a small thing but keeping a job … … read more

  • Extras, Variations, Nasty Surprises, Cost Blowouts

    Extras, variations, nasty surprises, cost blowouts………call them what you will. They can all tarnish the building process. Unexpected cost increases or being overcharged for charges during construction would have to be peoples biggest concern when undertaking the building process. It … … read more

  • A Worthwhile Journey

      Sometimes, it is the unexpected things that turn out to be the most worthwhile. This was certainly the case when it came to our latest project in Curl Curl. You may be thinking “Hang on, aren’t all the unexpected … … read more

  • A Guide To Understanding What is Included in Your Building Quote

    Compare and understand what’s included in your building quote One of the most difficult parts of deciding on a builder is trying to work out what is actually included in the quote amount. Generally, most people look at 2 to … … read more